About the NFL

So I watched the NFL’s Wembley game on Sunday. I was taught the rules one day and found it more than watchable, it could’ve been because I was watching on the BBC, the highlights show and therefore there were no ad-breaks and no timeouts. Why they had a Children’s BBC presenter hosting the show I’m not entirely sure, maybe some day he’ll be a real sports presenter and won’t be called ‘barney’ or ‘oliver’ or some such cbbc name.

Don’t reckon it’ll catch on, but one game a year ain’t bad. Apparently the SuperBowl is being shown live in the Spring.

One thought on “About the NFL

  1. superbowl’s shown live every year, big d… along with two or three matches a week on Sky, plus another couple of highlight shows… they usually syndicate the stuff to Channel 5, though i remember the superbowl was on ITV last year. There’s another London match before the end of the season, I think.

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