Belfast Giants broadcasting live tonight

You may recall last year we did several live streams from the Odyssey, once more the live web cast will be getting tested tonight and so you can tune in to watch the action from the Belfast Giants v Sheffield Steelers.

As has been published on the Giants homepage:

We should point out that due to legal reasons the web cast will only go live during the 2nd recess before the last period (roughly 8.30-8.45) at which point we will show you the highlights of periods 1 & 2, before going totally live for the closing period. We will give you a countdown in the 20 minute warm up to let you know when the action will begin. This is the best that we can do within the boundaries of current Elite League agreements with other established web initiatives.

Please check it out though and let me know if you have any problems so I can give feedback to ‘the boss.’

Oh, and if anyone out here is a corporate sponsor type person and you want your company brand on the web stream we want to hear from you.

So, download the Octoshape plugin (it just makes the bridge between browser and media player in a special p2p streaming manner, I believe; and they are legit – they’ve broadcast Olympic media and Eurovision among other things over the web) and hit the test stream about 7.30 to catch the first period highlights.

The actual link to the streaming show is here but you need to make sure Octoshape (and windows media player, or flip4mac if you are on the Blessed Apple) are installed, and give your system a reboot just incase any crinkles need ironed out. Fingers crossed.

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