Who am I?

My name is David Lowry, I am a 2008 graduate of Queen’s University Belfast with a degree in Computer Science. I try not to let that define me too much.

I’m an occasionally enthusiastic guitarist and while I’m still in love with my Montana-made acoustic, I enjoy breaking out the electric every now and then. I want to write songs but I can’t turn my brain off enough to have space to just relax and play.

I am a committed Christian and am involved in my church through worship ministry where I lead a band a few times each month. It’s my hope that that aspect, central to my life, will be apparent through my attitude in work and life in general.

Do you think we should work together?

What’s this site for?

I’m a freelance contractor, working both on the web and alongside a few audio visual and events ventures. This website is a little home on the web for thoughts, essays, technical bits and pieces.

Really, it’s for me, but if someone else gets use out of any of the items discussed then that would make me very happy.

I set up a web company with my friend Rob a few years ago as a side project while we worked through our respective degrees in University. It brought us both some experience of working with clients, businesses, printing and hosting companies as well as accountants and the tax man!

After graduation I took on the Infinity21 name that we previously used, and it was the basis for two years working solo. Subsequently I took on a Developer role in a design studio in Belfast. After two further years I’m now back out in the big wide world currently working on some video production alongside several web projects.


I have previously stated that I have three goals for life:

  • Loop 100m of VGA cable without kinks
  • Have a room in the house I build with a la-z-boy chair, good sound system and nothing else
  • Not work 9-5

Vidiots and noiseboys will understand the first entry: winding a cable is an art. It’s tidier, if done correctly makes the material last longer, is easier to store, and most importantly: easier to unravel afterwards. 100m VGA cables are very tricky.

I’d love to own my own home some day, to be blessed with a family to share it. And some sort of den for listening to music in and unwind? That’d be great.

And finally not working 9-5… I might be a bit of a waster, but the real meaning behind the statement is that I want to spend my time doing lots of different things with different people using different skills, and sometimes that means very long days and weekends!