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Something I Made Earlier: A View From The Bridge

Giants fan site and community The Kingdom Of The Giants has been up and running since the early days of the team, and their podcast “A View From The Bridge” has been going since 2005.

Recently on behalf of the webcast team I teamed up with Patrick to film the first edition of AVFTB TV and published the result last week. We spoke to Owen Bradley of BBC Nottingham, Gary Gillespie of the webcast and UTV fame, Coach Doug Christiansen and GM Todd Kelman, the guys from “The Cat’s Whiskers” (Nottingham Fanzine) and the usual AVFTB discussion panel. Hope you enjoy it!

Reducing Heroku Cost with Asset Pipeline Sync

GiantsLive which is hosted on the new heroku Rails 3/Cedar platform a single ‘dyno’. If you don’t know what heroku is, essentially it’s a cloud web hosting platform, and one of it’s finest features is that your first 750 ‘computation hours’ in a month are absolutely free. Properly free, like a lunch at that church on Stranmillis Road on a Thursday. Continue reading Reducing Heroku Cost with Asset Pipeline Sync

Shane Johnson Testimonial Live

Tonight on the Shane Johnson All Stars team featuring Paxton Schulte, Todd Kelman, Rob Stewart, Colin Ward and Jason Bowen take on the current Belfast Giants team in Shane’s testimonial match.

Enough’s been said about it on the Giants website and the event’s Facebook page already, but we’ve just announced the game will be broadcast, and so if you can’t get to the Odyssey (tickets are still available) you can watch online.

Giants v Vipers Playoff Game

Unfortunately not a glorious win to celebrate, but said I’d do it, so here’s game review video from Saturday 29 March 2008 in Dundalk.

Game detail here:
Giants Website:

FWIW: This is the main camera feed from the live webcast we do from Giants games. The season’s over for 2007/2008, check it out in August/September.

Giants Vipers Webcast 2008-03-29

Heading down to Dundalk this afternoon for the Giants’ final ‘home’ game of the year (not season, that was last week) as they take on the Newcastle Vipers in the first qualifying round of the Elite League Playoffs 2008.

I’m running the show tonight as Ronan’s away so toss a coin and if it’s heads then the stream’ll be up and running showing highlights and gtv clips from recent games around 7pm. I don’t think we’ll be able to do pre-game interviews this week due to a few logistical things, but I might run the ivs from a few weeks back :)

Belfast Giants Webcast Example Image

Off to Belfast to find American Steve and then to Dundalk. Go on… watch the web cast… it’s the last time I (might) get paid until July! :D

Giants Hull Coventry Webcast

Giants play Hull Stingrays (where do they get these names?) tonight and Coventry on Saturday on what could just be the single most important game in the second half of the season. Giants will go top by 1 point with a win tonight, but that will create a four game gap between them and Coventry, so Saturday’s match is a four-pointer to claw back points and games from the Chav/Blaze.

Many thanks to Paul at Through the Plexi / Breakthrough for their coverage of our webcasts, check out the hockey blog.

Detail to be found here:

Off to the O.

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Giants v Phoenix Video

Video file is at this location though I suggest you check it out at youtube unless u really want a HQ version – I’ve nearly maxed out my monthly bandwidth (30GB!!).

(out of order):
Mark Dutiaume Goal
Tallari Missed Penalty
Fight: Carlyle Lewis v Brett Clouthier
Fight: Mark Morrison v Unpronouncable Staffacher
Lewis Christie’s Maiden Professional Goal
Scott Cameron’s Goal

There have been links to this video from (cool!)
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And well over two thousand hits on the video in two days, that’s pretty neat!