Chocolate Oranges, Permanency, Ireland, Terms and Conditions.

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Ronan gave me a Terry’s Chocolate Orange for Easter. I could choose simply to eat this tasty spherical snack, but given my tendency to tweet the ephemera I’m more likely to tell my small corner of the interworld.

While giving the package a gently crack on the desk (that’s what you do) to split the segments, I came across this paragraph in a sample Terms & Conditions document that a client had been customising for their website:

Those wishing to place a link to this Website on other sites may do so only to the home page of the site (www.WEBSITE.COM) without prior permission.  Deep linking (i.e. links to specific pages within the site) requires the express permission of COMPANY.  To find out more please contact us by email  person@WEBSITE.COM Continue reading Chocolate Oranges, Permanency, Ireland, Terms and Conditions.

Something I Made Earlier: A View From The Bridge

Giants fan site and community The Kingdom Of The Giants has been up and running since the early days of the team, and their podcast “A View From The Bridge” has been going since 2005.

Recently on behalf of the webcast team I teamed up with Patrick to film the first edition of AVFTB TV and published the result last week. We spoke to Owen Bradley of BBC Nottingham, Gary Gillespie of the webcast and UTV fame, Coach Doug Christiansen and GM Todd Kelman, the guys from “The Cat’s Whiskers” (Nottingham Fanzine) and the usual AVFTB discussion panel. Hope you enjoy it!

Berlin 2012 – Eisbären Hockey

Die Eisbären is part of a series “Berlin 2012”

O2 World Berlin

I’ve been an attendee at the Odyssey Arena for five years, and a fan of the Belfast Giants a few weeks short of that. I’ve been in two arenas and three ‘barns’ to see British hockey played out. I’ve seen former NHL players play regularly, and taken part in interviews with some of the highest paid sportsmen in the world. The Giants have a great fan-base. A neutral and welcoming crowd. We, in Belfast, have a great arena, the best of its size (it’s not the biggest) in these islands. As a sporting product, the Giants are successful and have won more than their fair share of trophies. Continue reading Berlin 2012 – Eisbären Hockey

Berlin 2012 – The Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial is part of a series “Berlin 2012”

The Holocaust Memorial is immense and surprising. From the Brandenburg Gate or Potsdamerplatz you observe the expanse. Below the flag of the American Embassy dozens, hundreds, then thousands of concrete stelae stand in a field, a strange crop. The whole scene is like little else you’ll ever see.

American Embassy visible above the memorial field Continue reading Berlin 2012 – The Holocaust Memorial

Add automatic URL generation to your Rails App (+ a little about ActiveAdmin)

It’s easy to add a “url” or “slug” field to your rails app, and override the to_param function to report that field. A route can then look for an alphanumeric parameter, like this:

match "pages/:slug" => "purchases#show_by_slug"

But how to generate them without too much manual labour? [manual labour is a good thing, relying on well written gems is sometimes better] Continue reading Add automatic URL generation to your Rails App (+ a little about ActiveAdmin)